is a Toronto based Food Stylist. Her clients include some of North America's largest food companies. With her extensive experience there is nothing that she hasn't styled in her 30 year career. Her passion is as strong now as it was when she began.


Ali baba, Brenton Crackers, Boon Burger,

Chopped Leaf, Cineplex, Country Style, Chudleighs,

Dspot Desserts, Earth Fresh, Europe's Best, Elite Cakes,

Extreme Pita, Greenbelt Lettuce, Grabbagreen,

Halo Ice-cream, Healthy Crunch, Ikea,

Kellog's, Laura Secord,Loblaws, Lesley Stowes, Longos,

Mccormicks, Mr Sub,

Parmalat, Pizza PizzaQuaker, South Street, Subway, Sunset Grill, Teriyaki Experience,Tim Hortons, Timothy's,

Walmart, Wings Up, Wonder Kind, Works Burgers